Jamba Fundraising

Looking for a fun and delicious way to raise money? Jamba makes it easy with multiple fundraising options that are perfect for your organization. Get started today!

Fundraising Card

Our Jamba fundraising cards are a low-key, no hassle way to raise money for your organization! Each card includes eight $3 medium-size smoothies (typically valued at $5-6 each) and a bonus coupon for a free small smoothie. You buy these cards from us for $5 per card, and then sell them in your community for $10 – allowing your organization to earn a $5 profit on each card sold. There is no upfront cost with these cards – you pay for what you sell!
Download the Jamba fundraising card form here!
Fundraising Cards

Smoothie Fundraising

Looking to raise some extra moo-lah at one of your events? Jamba smoothies are the way to go! Purchase small smoothies from us for $3.00 per smoothie, and then re-sell them for at least $5.00, giving you a profit of at least $2 per smoothie! We provide you with our top two flavors, Caribbean Passion and Razzmatazz, and pack them in insulated catering boxes that will keep them cold and ready to serve for four hours. All you have to do is pick up the order from your nearby Jamba and be ready to sell away! Ready to get started? Download the smoothie fundraiser form here!

Smoothie Fundraising

We ask for at least two weeks notice on all fundraiser requests in order to print the fundraiser cards, or purchase product and schedule staffing for making smoothies.